Information is the key to success these days. Organizations collect hordes of data on a regular basis, so that they can remain on top of the competitors at all times. However, what happens to all that data when you want to dispose it? Whether your organization’s information is stored on computer devices or on paper, you need a safe way to get rid of it. This is because they do not only take up a lot of space in your office or hard drive. But, they can also become a liability and cause security concerns such as lawsuits (especially when the data involves client information).

Shredding is employed by most organizations to get rid of their unwanted and useless data. In fact, it is a very common technique. Before diving into the depths of the shredding businesses, let us first take a quick look at how shredding works.


The action of cutting any material into small chunks or pieces is called shredding.

Every person performs it in his or her routine life on a regular basis. Nevertheless, for organizations, the process of shredding is mandatory on a professional scale. There are several different options available to accomplish the task.

1.      Shredding on Your Own

If there are a limited number of people in your organization and the amount of that you have collected over a period of time is not huge, you can shred the documents on your own. Apart from documents, some organizations need to get rid of their hard drives/disks. This way their digital data is secured as well.

There are many tools available in the market that can help you accomplish the task of shredding very easily. Shredders are bought from different outlets. Most of these devices are easy to control and manage without any extra effort or hassle.

Performing the process of shredding seems straightforward. Unfortunately, most people think that they can do it but in most cases, the task can be tricky, time-consuming, and redundant. Moreover, there is always a chance that you might not be able to get rid of the data correctly. This means that the disposed materials may contain some important information from your organization.

2.      Hiring an Organization

Many different organizations offer to do the task of shredding. They dedicate a team of individuals who are solely responsible for collecting and getting rid of all the unwanted documents your organization owns. Here are some of the top reasons why it is best to hire organizations for shredding.

a)      Save Money

Even though paying an external organization to do your shredding may seem like an expensive forte but it is quite the opposite. A shredding machine costs quite a large sum of money. Then, it needs regular maintenance. At any point in time, the machine can stop running and needs to be fixed. This can cause unexpected costs and time wastage. Furthermore, shredding machines run on electricity. Running them regularly in the office premises can sky rocket your electricity bills.

On the other hand, if you hire someone to do the shredding and pay them a certain amount, the rest is their hassle. There is no need to worry about the machinery and its maintenance.

b)      Save Time

A team of employees has to be dedicated to the task of document shredding in order to accomplish this hefty task. The team must consist of careful individuals who are responsible in executing the whole process. This is because the whole process of shredding is quite sensitive and must be done with extreme care. While the team is busy doing menial tasks of shredding, their time is wasted which ultimately causes a huge loss for the whole organization.

Organizations can easily save a good amount of time if they outsource their shredding business.

c)       Document Security

All shredding businesses are extremely professional. They make sure all documents are shredded in such that they are rendered useless for any competitor. No information is leaked or disclosed to any stakeholders, once the documents are destroyed.

Organizations become stress free once they hand over unwanted documents to the shredding businesses as they keep the entire content safe.

d)      Compliant With Law

Businesses that perform the task of shredding have to follow laws while they are shredding the documents. They must ensure that the data remains safe and no competitor gets their hand on the information.

Shredding Businesses in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is very rigid in terms of its laws when it comes to shredding. There are many different options available for organizations to choose a shredding service. If you are looking for the best document and paper shredding services in wisconsin, you can ahead with RTIdatashield that offers 24/7 Customer Service, highly-integrated and functional Customer Support. Always remember that paper shredding is an important task that can prevent individuals from identity theft, fraud, and other similar problems.  

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