Some of the times when we order something online, we get a package that has our name, number and address written on it, that little piece of paper should also be discarded properly and shredded in any way as it has your personal information in it and you don’t want anybody to take advantage of it isn’t it? So, would you allow your important documents and papers that has your personal and precious information in them to be in the hands of any unknown person to take advantage from?

As said earlier, for any of the business or individual, paper shredding is a neglected but nevertheless very important part of defending yourself from risks like identity theft and fraud. You can always destroy and shred an important document or papers by yourself as it is nothing complicated to do, but if you value your precious time you will not find enough time to do so, that’s where document destruction services come into the picture. Document shredding services are the convenient and cost-effective replacement to self-shredding as if you even try to shred papers by yourself how many would you do that in the time that you have? So, the shredding services are always there to help you in this cause as they have proper mechanism for this purpose.

By keeping this in head, below is the step-by-step breakdown of the shredding services process, that will help to guide you through understanding how shredding services ranging from drop off to mobile shredding works, and just how easy it can be to find reliable local shredding providers near your home or business.

Step 1: Finding Out How Much Paper You Have to Shred

To get yourself ready for the document destruction project some of you may think you need to go through every single paper to remove binding pins and staples, but in fact, the only thing that you have to do is to figure out how much paper you have to shred and destroy.

The paper shredders that we have in our homes and offices are just suitable for a limited amount of papers and documents and you cannot shred a large amount of papers in them, but the industrial shredders used with in many services can handle as many as 20,000 documents an hour that may also chew through staples, paper clips, and binder clips with little or no effort at all.

Usually, the best document destruction service to match your project is verified based on how many boxes or pounds of paper you have to shred. A standard file box (15” x 12” x 10”) can hold between 2,000 and 2,500 sheets of paper, and weighs 30–35 lbs.

If, in any case you use a different storage method, like in your shelves or in filing cabinets, and instead need a different way to figure how much paper you need to shred, you can also find help with the tools that are already present. With it, they can not only calculate the number of boxes and weight you have of paper to shred, but also they provide the most cost-efficient shredding service to meet your scheduling, security, and budgetary needs.

Step 2: Pick Your Plan

While many shredding calculator and helper tool can help you to figuring out how much paper you already have and they can directly connect you with the ideal service to match, some of them may still be interested to see the larger overview of those services and how much they can expect them to cost.

If you partner with DataShield you may find it a stress-free way to ensure the destruction of your sensitive information to get leaked and be in the hands of danger. All you have to do is gather of your confidential documents in one of our locked security containers and choose a service that suits you the best. That totally depends on the volume of your material and the rate of recurrence of their destruction, you can sign up for a purge or routine paper shredding service. The confidential documents that are ready for destruction can either be recovered from your facility or received at DataShield – it totally depends upon your choice.

Here is the list of option that you may chose according to your suiting.

  • 32 Gallon Console
  • 32 Gallon & 65 Gallon Wheeled Cart
  • 24″, 27″ & 30″ Deskside shredding containers
  • 660 Liter Wheeled Purge Cart

Step 3: Trusted Transportation

Finding a shredding provider in our network of local contractors is not at all a tough process, and in many cases can only take as long as a few minutes of your precious time.

Here is a quick overview for how it works:

  1. Begin by filling out the form to your right or just giving us a call at the given number to request a list of free document destruction quotes.
  2. Afterwards, our representatives will contact you, providing with multiple pricing options from contractors in the area. Among these you can estimate and select the right shredding service depending on your choice and nearby provider to meet your project’s budget, volume, and location.
  3. Once you connect with a shredding provider, depending on your service our contractors might either come to your place to shred documents on site if it is more convenient for you, or you can instead have them picked up for shredding at a secure off-site facility.
  4. During the whole document destruction process, papers are shredded using industrial cross-cutting shredders. Once the process is done, paper shreds are finally recycled and turned to pulp for sustainable future reuse for a better cause.

On the other hand, if you only have a some or a smaller number of sheets of paper to shred and don’t necessarily have or need to schedule an actual service, you can also always select the drop off shredding, which may be the most convenient of all available options.

With drop off locations throughout the nation, there may be one as close as just a few miles from your house or even one you are passing each day on the way home from work making drop off ideal for shredding small amounts of documents when all it takes is a five-minute stop.

DataShield is the one that services that uses the latest technology to track all of our vehicles. Our drivers are trained to scan and record the unique barcode that is assigned to your secure container during each phase of shredding process.

All of the documents remain in their containers as they are transported on one of our locked, GPS-equipped trucks and you do not have to worry about them at all once they are in our secure hands.

Step 4: Document Destruction

All of your documents are destroyed according to NAID standards at Data Shield’s secure facility. We make protection our responsibility by having a strictly controlled access entrance and 24-hour security and supervision.

We make sure that your paper is never thrown on an unsafe floor or ground.  After the important material is destroyed it is recycled according to universal waste regulations and you receive a Certificate of Destruction.

A certificate of destruction details the shredding process, including the details on chain of custody as well as who did the shredding for your documents, where the shredding was done, and when the shredding was completed. Additionally, providing a certificate of destruction post-shredding benefits to ensure the project was completed in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations for document destruction such as HIPAA or FACTA.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Shredding Services for Your Project Today!

Document shredding services are the best way to make shredding your files both time efficient as well as appropriate. Whether you are using mobile shredding services or instead taking your documents to a drop off location, the process is very simple and the perfect remedy for the headaches of doing shredding yourself plus it saves a lot of your time that you would spend doing all this yourself.

At RTIDatashield, we partner with a nationwide network of reliable, local shredding providers, helping to connect those in need of document destruction services with the contractors and companies who can get the job done whatever your project requirements may be.

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